Saturday, February 21, 2009

Your body balance-inside out.

After I wrote an article on Tachyon healing and Tachyon energy stones, I received several emails asking me myriad questions varying from whether I am using Tachyon stones, do I know someone using them and if so what is their feedback, are they available in India and more.

There was one question that was asked more and it was about the body energy balance that is being helped by Tachyon energy.

I am reader of Abraham (Hicks) and he says there is nothing on the planet that could bring everyone into balance. Everyone explores outside of themselves for various things such as peace of mind, health. As per Abraham and so many Indian philosophers, all the things that we seek and look for them out in the world are inside of us.

Of course he is not rejecting your faith completely. If it is helpful to have a product or a bead or a crystal or a button or a thimble or a rock or a feather to assist you in connecting to your source, then you can cultivate it.

I too agree with his views. Any kind of belief should not be mocked upon. As long as one has belief in some supreme energy as the Source, one should try to connect to it by all means.
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