Saturday, January 17, 2009

Teaching wealth consciousness to children.

Who drew the line between wealth and poor? The wealth consciousness and poverty consciousness-who exactly taught this?

I don't remember reading in any books about teaching consciousness at all- whether wealth or poverty consciousness! Then how do they exist? Rather, what made them exist? Is there a way to change one's poverty consciousness to wealth consciousness?

I believe so but the end results are not guaranteed. It all depends on the receptivity of the person receiving the lessons. And I feel these lessons should be started at the young itself; not when one has experienced poverty for several years. Such people would have developed some hatred towards rich people.

To remove this hatred itself will take years. Then only we can teach the power of affirmations such as ,"I am attracting all the money I need and want. ". Before stressing the importance of affirmation, the power of inner belief has to be taught and give time to replace the existing beliefs that are the prime causes for the present poor conditions.

But, schools can seriously think of including in the curriculum itself the basic lessons of law of nature.

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Anonymous said...

well, consciousness is what we are aware of. We are always conscious about brushing out teeth in the morning. thats our lifestyle. and I think its as simple as that. what do u think?

Malathy said...

That is a habit we pursue. There are more important things that we should be aware of but we are not.