Monday, November 24, 2008

Who emotes- you or your mind?

* My mind says I should stay away from that family whose culture is totally alien.
* I can't understand how the people of a particular nation eat that food.
* I strongly condemn the practice of that islanders.
* Politicians should behave like me.

You label, attach tags, pass judgments, thus literally blocking the ways to find true human relationship. These judgments and opinions stand between you and yourself, between you and fellow men, between you and nature and above all it is between you and God.

This sense of false identity with which we are not born is the cause of all the miseries of the world. When one nation throws away 3 gallons of milk just because they don't need it and another nation reports hundreds of death due to starvation.

If I, from India want to reach out and help, I am prevented due to political barriers which are only artificial and man made.

Who wants to reconcile to the fact that we are all one and separateness is just an illusion? Who is ready to assimilate the fact that nature holds no barriers. Who is ready to understand that all that we admire and appreciate-beauty, love, creativity-arise beyond mind?

Oh, who is John Galt?
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