Thursday, November 27, 2008

The one simple rule to get what you want.

* I wanted to excel in Mathematics;
I did.

* I wanted to study and earn a few degrees;
I hold M.Sc, M.Ed, M.Phil degrees.

* I wanted to teach;
I do.

* I wanted a business minded husband;
I have.

* I wanted a huge house;
I have.

* I wanted a son;
I have.

* I wanted to sleep a lot;
I do.

* I wanted to work from home;
I work from home now.

* I wanted to go to Himalayas;
I went.

The list of my wants and desires and the fulfillment of them is really big. But I don't want to brag any more. It is not my intention to boast.

Ok, how did I manage to get all that I wanted? Any secret?

Yes, I realized now only that I have been following this one simple rule:
" When you want something, but can live by without having it, you have upped the odds of having it".

This means I never really bothered if I get what I want. This nature was inborn.
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Minds Power said...

This is so true!!! I completely agree with your one simple rule. When you focus on what you want, but you do not need it today, you are allowed to create it for yourself so much quicker.

It is all in your subconscious. This allows it to be created so much quicker than I even thought possible.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Malathy said...

I am glad at least one person has read this blog post and agrees with the concept.

Thank you mind power for yr feedback.
You have a huge mind power store. Will blog about and inform you.