Saturday, October 04, 2008

Make the universe owe you.

Your highness...Image by blipars via FlickrThe image here captivated me and it has no connection to what I am about to write.

I used to wish my friends, relatives, my husband's friends on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries. I am gifted with great memory and the receivers of my greetings are always astonished at my promptness.

Oh, enough of me! When I wish, I feel it sincerely and I am never upset that many of them forget to reciprocate on my birthday. It just didn't matter to me. It never mattered.

Very recently I read the following lines and I am glad of my attitude:
" You just wished yourself nothing but the best by wishing for others". Isn't that profound and true?

When you wish others without expecting to be reciprocated, the universe feels a large debit in its account and it doesn't like it that way. It wants to set its account right and goes about bestowing upon you its abundance.

In fact the Universe feels burdened by your gracious acts and it reaches out to you at the right time and at the right place.
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Krishna. N. C. said...

Respected and dear Malathy ji,
Love and peace filled namaste :)
Hope you are doing fine and all is well with you. I loved this post :))
Its such a beautiful reminder: The Universe always keeps a record of our generous acts and gives us due return: "what goes around comes around" isnt it!!
Thank you so much for sharing:) Also i loved the image ;)
God Bless you infinitely for your kindness Malathy ji, the world needs souls like you to brighten up other's lives :)
Sending you a bear hug and a Big Thank-you on behalf of all those who forget to reciprocate the love you gave them :))
God Bless you Dear one!

Malathy said...

Thank you Krishna for your wonderful words.