Tuesday, October 07, 2008

How to get enlightenment?

Enlightenment means not relinquishing the world and everything in it including your body, soul and mind. It is not to be associated with retiring to Himalayas leaving behind your family. It is nothing to do with doing away with desires.

Enlightenment means the realization that you and I are one. It is a mental state of being at one with God and everything else in the planet earth. A total piece will encase you when you are connected with your source.

How to get to enlightened state?
To know that, you must know what is preventing you from getting to that state of enlightenment. The incessant mental noise that is very active even in your dreams is the only culprit that is preventing you to be enlightened. Enlightenment is the end of suffering-right?
Enlightenment is freedom from non-stop thinking-isn't that a big enslavement?

Daily, sit for just 5 minutes and try to stop thinking and just focus your mental attention on your breathing-the life inside you. You will still allow thoughts. Let them out and don't curse yourself for allowing thoughts.

When you allow thoughts, assume that you are releasing them and wait for next thought. Now, it will take a bit longer to come. Release it and now command for next thought. Now it will take more time to come.

This in-between time is precious. You will be at blissful peace. Words can't express that feeling. Practice this exercise daily for just 5 minutes and soon you will wait for this time. Slowly, you will lapse into this no-mental-noise state for more time; I mean the time between thoughts will become longer and finally, it will stop.

You can then gently wake up and go about your day's work with renewed vigor and confidence.

Try it dear.
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