Friday, October 24, 2008

How to receive from Universe?

You ask; it is given immediately. But you don't see it in your physical experience.

This is the stale story for almost all of us. Yes, I mean there are exceptions. There are people I know who get what they asked for almost instantly.

My husband is a classic example. I have been seeing him living a life that he wanted. His own working hours that he keeps shrinking so that he can read books on anything he likes. And do you know the books find him always?

When I asked him how, he replied that he didn't know. In fact, his secret he told me several times is, he never asks how. He just leaves it for the universe to deliver.

It means he is in perfect alignment of his desires. It means, he doesn't entertain doubts over the manifestation of his desires. He believes strongly that it will be manifested.

If one doubts, then, whatever has been given will stay only in his mental level. Ah, one more character we must develop in order to receive what is given- Patience-infinite patience is required to produce immediate results.

Miracles happen by and by; not according to your agenda.
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