Sunday, October 26, 2008

Change your beliefs to change your life.

"If there are things in your experience that you no longer wish to experience, your belief must change.
If there are things that are not in your experience that you want to bring into your experience, your belief must change."

I received the above quotation in my mobile phone as SMS. Though I liked it, I could not exactly explain why I liked it. Something is trying to tell me something but I could not place it.

Yes, I beginning to see the meaning. Let me see if I understood it correctly.
I am frequently disturbed by various callers that include parents of my students, students, ex-students and so on. None of them have the manners to call and come. They just barge in unannounced assuming that I will be whenever I am taking class.

Whenever I hear the front gate being opened I believe someone is coming to see me. My husband used to laugh at me. There are people at the ground floor, there are others in our house; in spite of that how can I believe that way?

Exactly this belief is attracting visitors to me. So, I should change my belief that I will be left free and the visitors are for others only.
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Kaylee said...

The Power of Belief is always something different through everyone's eyes. Great Insight - Really enjoyed reading your post.

surjit said...

A wonderful post.
"Man is made by his belief..."
(Bhagwat Gita)
Thanks for sharing. God bless.