Monday, August 25, 2008

The one word that blocks your desires manifest.


This is the word that blocks all our desires to manifest. Now stop! Don't ask 'How'?

You are flying to a destination. All you know is that the flying machine will take you to the predetermined destination. You don't go around asking how the plane works-right? It just doesn't concern you.

The moment the plane starts moving, many people pray for a safe journey. At that time, they don't question their praying source to reveal to them how He (God) intends to arrange a safe journey!

You have not met a close friend of you for a long time because you have lost his contact details. But you have desire to meet him and expect sincerely it happen some time. You don't wonder how it will happen; you just wish.

Just leave the 'how to God. Let him orchestrate events, move the right people at the right time towards you or towards your prayer/wish/desire. That is His job purely and He does it more efficiently than us.

So what exactly you must do!
Decide here and now what do you want in your life and write it down on a paper. Don't omit any details however trivial it may look Read what have you written daily so that unconsciously you keep regurgitating the details in your mind very frequently; you involuntarily run the picture in your mind.

That's all you need to do. Oh yes, I forgot! Expressed gratitude for what you already have.

Your mental picture will unfold into your physical life without fail but before that, you will be prompted to observe a few coincidences aka synchronicities and will take inspired action based upon your observation/recognition.
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