Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is God a man or a woman?

Sri AurobindoImage of Sri Aurobindo via Wikipedia This question rarely arises in public though almost everyone who is God conscious might have entertained this question at least once in their life.

I think India is one country where Goddess ( God as a woman) is widely worshiped. Of course the same male worshipers may not behave kindly to all the women is a matter of another debate.

My husband respects women and he firmly believes that 'Godness' is the prime qualities of women. He refuses to see movies where women are ill-treated by men. He condemns the perverted imagination of the author of the movie.

I want to you read this great quote from Sri Aurobindo.
"After I knew that God was a woman, I learned something from far-off about love; but it was only when I became a woman and served my Master and Paramour that I knew love utterly.

Read God as mother as seen by Sri Aurobindo.
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