Sunday, July 06, 2008

The elusive wealth consciousness.

Ever since I wrote about the importance of building up a wealth consciousness in order to attract abundant wealth, I keep getting emails asking me some common questions.

To refresh your memory, here is what is all about Wealth Consciousness.

Read it? Fine, read below some of the questions that reached me.
* May I offer money to a beggar who appears healthy?
* May I buy myself a drink or two though I realize that the money can buy precious food to my wife?
* Is it alright to spend my last savings on a necessity without bothering about the need for money tomorrow?

Hmm.. the list is rather big but I would like to stop here and allow you to ponder on these questions that I also asked myself when I started treading on the spiritual path.

I will write here just one answer for the questions above and request you to use the comment form to give your best answers.
"You can offer money to a beggar irrespective of his appearance or condition. You act is to practice the
art of generosity. What the receiver does with your money is not your concern."

When you give just for the sake of having a generous spirit and extending love and for no other reason, then those inner doubts of yours will fade away.

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