Friday, June 06, 2008

What are you focusing on?

Stop reading this post for a moment and observe where is your current focus!

At the end of this blog post?
Looking for a link in the post?
Reading this post rapidly and trying to figure out what I am driving at?

None of the above?

I thought I will give you you a list and ask you to tick whichever is applicable; I decided against it and will come to the point straight away.

Our point of focus can be broadly classified into just two categories:
We either focus on the past or future;
We either focus on the things we want or on the things we don't want.

Please be aware that whatever we focus on expands. Don't ask how! It is the law of Universe. I mean, this is how universe functions. Just as you treat the law of gravity and take it for granted, this law of focus should also be treated as a science and take it for granted.

Where is the proof?
Is that your question?

Do this small exercise and you will see the proof.
For the next 5 minutes, focus on this very law itself-the law of focus which is defined as, "whatever you focus, expands". Let yourself loose on the subject and think wildly or imagine whatever comes to your mind.

After 5 minutes, write down your thoughts and imagination.

What will happen?
Within the next 24 hours or 48 hours, you will definitely come across the same subject somehow. You only need to be alert. You may read it in a web site, come across in an email, somebody might talk to you about it, you may read an article on the subject in a news paper or a magazine or you may even dream about it.

This will happen; no exceptions.

So, after you see the proof, if you consciously focus on your wants and desires, you will experience it in your life experience.

This law is rather impartial. So, if you happen to focus on the things you don't want to see in your life, then I am sorry sir, you will experience more of it.

Ripple effect:
Throw a stone on still water and you will see he water circles that are created by your throwing action will keep expanding and will come to you from where you have thrown the stone.
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