Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Remote healing is possible.

Of course I never had any doubt about the viability of remote healing-a method by which one can heal anyone's health or financial problem without seeing the person.

Two days before I tried this on a close relative of mine and saw the results in less than twelve hours.

The process is very easy and anyone can try this. But I would advise to follow some important points before trying this.

* Before beginning the process, decide that you are not going to take credit for the outcome.
* Believe that this remote healing works.
* Believe that you too can do this.

The last point is extremely important because if you don't accept it in your mind that you can do this, then this process will not work for you.

The Process:
I am citing the real example of what I did.

My relative is in a deep financial mess. But he was affluent once and I remember how he was then, the way he dressed and moved about, the things he used to buy daily and more.

I focused on this past of him and added more details to my imagination as to how he will be if he gets back to his earlier status, how his business is growing, how all of a sudden his service is sought after from remote corners of India.

At close, I thanked my spirit and let go.

I think I don't have to write about the outcome here in detail but the action did yield the expected results or there were indications that my relative is surely on his way to reclaim his affluent status.

Try this when needed and give me your feedback.
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