Saturday, June 28, 2008

To transcend desire.

It is absolutely natural for human beings to have desires and it is so very natural. Every contrasting situation gives rise to new desires. When those new desires are achieved, another contrasting situation is born and it again makes to project a different set of desires. The cycle goes on and on!

Now, do you want this cycle to go on for you do you want to stop it?

All the desires no doubt will give you enormous pleasure but also pain. The moment a material or a person or a situation disappears from your life, you grieve the loss putting yourself into considerable stress and depression.

Is there a way out?
Yes and yes. If you don't cling on to your pleasure giving material, persons or circumstances, it is possible to avoid depression when they leave you. Nothing on this planet is permanent and nothing can be claimed as yours.

Just allow all that appear in your life, use them as long as they stay in your life and let go when they are taken away from you to complete their cycle.

When you thus detached from everything, you are free. This freedom from attachment is the real freedom for mankind.

Contemplate on this idea.

Gratitude to all my mentors who know that I am gratified to them.
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