Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Virtual based voice services.

Two weeks ago, my husband received a couple from London. They are his online business contacts. They came to see India and also wanted to outsource a call center from India.

They both were obviously well conversant with the brilliance of Indian IT industry and they openly appreciated the hard working IT people.

My husband took them to one of the leading BPO concerns in Madras and introduced them to a top executive there. When he showed them around, the Londoners were keen on knowing about the cost of running a call center.

The executive of the BPO explained to them about the advantages of VoIP Phone Systems and how it vastly reduced their capital expenditures that come from buying and maintaining traditional PBX phone systems as well as the service contracts or labor charges.

It seemed they were aware of the various features of Internet telephony such as plug & play VoIP phones that work anywhere in the world and click to dial contacts etc.

Nimbus VoIP phone systems give businesses complete and total control over their phones & features.

On the spot, they negotiated a contract and thanked my husband with a nice watch before leaving.

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