Saturday, April 05, 2008

Free angel card reading.

Do you know that we are all born with at least one angel to guide us in our life? Some are born with two spirit guides (Angel guides).

These angels have taken up the responsibility to be with us throughout our physical life experience. The astral world is filled with these guide angels.

Voice of the Angels is a website with terrific resources to cleanse our soul. There are tools to soothe the soul, release your stress, dissolve and transform whatever it is that blocks your path, and you will find help for getting where you need to go.

I believe that our angel guides speak to us at every moment of our life, through inner voice, hunches, intuitions and indicators. But we should be fine tuned to make use of them. Else, we will always be guided by our mind which has its own limitations.

I quote from Voice of the Angels:
"One of the tools you will find here is Voice of the Angels - A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards. You will find these cards uncannily accurate in answering your questions. The cards were hand illustrated and originally made with crystals and other natural elements. Each card has a message from the angels."

This web site offers a free angel card reading. I tested a reading and it was amazing and reassuring.
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