Monday, April 07, 2008

Become like a lake.

At the first sight of a lake, what appeals to you?
Its vastness?
Its picturesque surroundings?
The cool atmosphere?
The aquatic birds?

Yes, I agree these are all evident. All eyes can see them and appreciate and even take several photographs of the lake and its surroundings. We may even look out for a cool boat ride.

Apart from all these visible things, have you noticed its calmness? In spite of everything that is going around it, it remains calm. It will even convey the speed of breeze on it by those gentle waves and ripples.

But deep down, the lake is calm and displaying its true nature.

We all should be like it. Deep inside, we should always be in touch with the natural calm that we all are born with.

Image courtesy: Optical Illusions.
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