Thursday, April 24, 2008

Do you want to be rich?

Yes, who won't say 'NO' to that question? But do you know, there are people who will say 'NO" to this question on the title. Please don't assume that only rich people already will say no. It is on the contrary. That is the reason for this blog post-the reason for wanting money.
Wealthy people know why they want money. They almost always have very specific reasons and purposes, and these reasons are written down.
Christopher Westra's email to me today drove this point very clearly.
Some people who were not rich were once asked why they wanted money. Many replied, "So I won't have to work!" How many wealthy people do you know who don't work? I don't know any. In fact, the rich people I know work extremely hard, much more than those who don't have money.
So, write down your reasons for wanting money. Go ahead and list them right here, or on a sheet of paper.
See if you can come up with ten specific reasons. The more reasons you have, the better, because you probably also have some underlying reasons for not wanting money.
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