Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Becoming more of who you are.

My husband brings his closest friend often to our house. He is 62 and well tuned psychically. He can grasp anything he listens to and I know that he has certain powers.

In spite of that, he has a chronic urge to know what is in store for him the next day or a year later. I mean, he is fanatic about knowing his future.

My husband is of the opinion that such character can't accept the present which paves way for putting up resistance to just about everything. Those people push through their days clinging on to predictions alone.

In stead of asking them to change their attitude, it is better to ask them to repeat certain affirmations with conviction several times day.

Here are a few affirmations:
* I relax and trust the power of the universe.
Spirit is with me, knows…and cares!
I now let the New World manifest through me.
I have trained myself to see patterns in time and space, and now hear the universe communicating.

What do you think buddy?

Acknowledgment for affirmations: Averi Torres
Image: Google Images
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