Thursday, January 10, 2008

A sort of seesaw game.

When the gold bullion market is up, stock market dives and when the gold price edges down, the equities market looks up. In this seesaw game, the person who sticks with bullion market always ends up with a profit, at least in the long run.

Due to some fickle profits that I made two weeks ago in the share market, I got carried away which was against my nature. I don’t like to lose but I lost some money. sad Had I been loyal to my pet silver and gold, I would be richer by a few thousand rupees today.

This had happened in spite of my regular subscriptions to various investment advise newsletters and I also watch the live silver price movement at which has been saying that silver's historic role as a store of value and investment, and its increasing demand in an environment where growing industrial use exceeds available new supplies, further suggest a bullish trend for this versatile metal.

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