Saturday, November 24, 2007

Who is in the heaven?

Definitely your prayers are answered. But you should remember that the answer is by your own thoughts and deeds.

Don't imagine that there is a man sitting high above us in the heaven, maintains and operate a computer of a size that the scientists on earth have not yet conceptualized, maintains a database of every living and non living beings in the planet earth and probably in other planets too, record every happenings, events and thoughts of all and execute a command in answer to our prayers, thoughts, deeds, moans, grudges, griefs and desires.

He has set in a giant perpetual wheel in motion that is driven by energies that we can't physically measure. These energies are emitted by every living and non living beings in this planet. But changes in human lives whether it is positive or negative and thereby in the planet earth also, are caused by mankind's thoughts alone which is nothing put the pure energy that drives the world or to be exact, that moves the perpetual wheel set in motion.

I am not an atheist. I have very strong faith in God but this is my faith-the faith in thought energy.
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Anonymous said...

What is the meaning of vibrating on the same frequency and attracting some of the same people on that frequency?

For instance if I was once drawn to people who are easy able to disconnect from me and I spend time working on the fact that I attract what I am. then once i resolve my fears about connecting then I will raise above that disconnect and connect to the people who are on my plain of thought?

How do I bring the correct people to me insteady of me hunting the wrong? What do I do visual or writting? Help me to start please.