Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tips for parents at lilaguide.com

One of my old students came to me a few days back to thank me for being her mentor. After exchanging pleasantries, I inquired about what she was doing. She told me that she is doing her doctorate program on parenting in Madras University.

She came to interview me on my parental experiences. But I could not help her much because my parental day’s memories have faded away. My husband gave her some useful answers and then guided her to lilaguide.com, a full pledged website on parenting related matters.

Using the power of Internet features like social networking, user-generated reviews, and geo-targeted technology Lilaguide.com exponentially expands the value of the most trusted source for parents and especially first-time parents.

In this website, every product for babies and new moms are given reviews by other parents. The website is full of several groups where members interact and exchange experience and tips. There are groups for mothers of preschoolers, mothers of twins and so on.

It is great place for every mom and dad.

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