Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Does faith need an harness?

I read somewhere that faith is like a plant in a pot. It requires regular care and attention, else, it will wither away.

Do you agree with me?

So, we need to nourish our faith in order to retain it. Once you retain it and never require an harness to bring it back, you are then in the safe hands of your faith and no matter what happens, you will remain unperturbed in any calamities.

And when you are in that state, you will certainly pass on your positive vibration to your immediate surroundings. Every member of your family will feel safe when you are around. Even your pets get affected by serenity in a positive way.

But is there any special methods to nurture your faith? Yes there are. Every religion has devised its ways. Follow them without questioning. Your elders and ancestors are not fools to have followed the dogmas of your religion.
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