Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Can words heal?

Yes, of course, words have great power to heal depression. Words of consolation have been known to mitigate grief since ancient times.

You have heard all of this before and you conclude that this blog post is nothing new. But wait, I am going to tell something that will be new to many but actually not new.

Have you ever read a book on your religion? Have you ever read a book on spiritual development?
Such books were written by great believers in what they wrote. Those books were written not with the motive to make money but to pass on the knowledge and wisdom to the readers.

The authors have put their heart and soul in their books. They truly felt the emotion that moved them o share their wisdom. These books carry the full vibration of the authors. Every word carries it.

When you hold such books on your hand, you will feel something different. I am sorry I could not properly explain the feeling but I know that it exists and I know many of you have felt.
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