Friday, November 02, 2007

Allow the past to gently melt away.

"Let us bury the past"-says every spiritual development book but what we do? We strongly say "NO" and continue linger on our past experience thereby reactivating the feelings and emotions of the past.

On one aspect, re-living the good feelings is good because you are emotions are positive and you open up to receive higher vibrating energy but while thinking of the past, our tendency is mostly to think about our bad experiences and by doing that we re-live in negative emotions. This will definitely shut off all the doors to receiving cosmic energy.

We do forget so many names of friends we have met in the past, he names of the books we have read. Why, even we don't usually remember what we ate for dinner the previous day.

But we manage to remember the feelings of the past. We tend to contemplate our future by rating it with our mostly bad experiences of the past. Instead of anticipating a brighter outcome, we expect gloomy results and that is what we eventually experience because that has been our predominant thought.

Daily we clean the grime and dust of previous day off us. But we don't wipe out clean the past bad feelings from our heart. We carry insult and disrespect inflicted on us to the grave.

We must try to live spontaneously. I know it is difficult because of our years of conditioning. But it is possible and once you start living the 'NOW". you will realize the joy it brings.

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