Friday, October 05, 2007

You can only draw a picture.

What else can you do but to show your anger on your boss by drawing a picture of him only to tear it off later?

But some employees are lucky to have superiors who are very reasonable. So, let me leave them out of my discussion. I will deal with them later, when they take a satisfactory retirement.

Frustrated employees certainly might have thought about starting their own business but the thought of huge capital and other infrastructural expenses might have forced them to procrastinate.

But with vendstar, you neither require huge capital nor any infrastructure. With only a few thousand dollars towards franchisee fee, you can start off and grow at a steady pace.

If you go in for just one vending machine, you can add more machines without any further out of pocket money. Your first venture will itself take care of further growth because the profit margin is extremely attractive and the business is a cash business.

Vendstar has now opened its doors to other parts of the world apart from the U.S. Since 2003, they brought in 9,000 members to the Vendstar Family. This number continues to grow, with customers finding plenty of room and demand to expand their vending routes and territories.

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