Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ways to attract success.

The blog post titled "22 ways to attract success in your life" is very aptly named and also indicates that the author Mr.Biggs has read several spirituality books.

The word 'attract' is the correct word to use in this context. We need to attract success in our life experience and not strive hard. It is also not necessary.

If we know how to use the Law of Attraction, then we can very easily attract success. It is all about guiding our thoughts in the proper direction and about controlling our thoughts.

Before I read all the 22 steps, I was stuck at the first step and I kept pondering over it till I write this post.
I quote:
"Lead from Within - This is most important, to keep a calm and listen to yourself amidst all the chaos. Feel your decisions, follow you passion, it all comes from within".

I will now go and read the remaining 21 steps to attract success in my life.

Thank you Mr.Biggs.
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Mr. Biggs said...

Thank you for this honor Malathy! An analysis of 22 steps, its interesting to read your insight. My reply to your comment comes really late as I was away from sometime. Hope you are well !!