Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An outstanding investment opportunity.

Do you know that silver was used in place of copper as there was a shortage of copper during second world war?

Probably that is when the silver price started going up. After the world war, the U.S. Government decided to bring down the price of silver by flooding the world market with billions of ounces worth silver bars.

But ironically, now the U.S. government is a silver buyer because it has depleted its silver storage.

Just after my marriage, I wanted to sell off my silver vessels that were given to by my father. My mother-in-law strongly advised me against it. Now I realize she is a visionary. At the current price, I cannot think of buying even a kilogram of silver.

But Monex, the trusted name in precious metals is strongly recommending us to buy silver bars and coins as an investment because they expect the price to soar further due to demand supply gap that is already widening.

The main advantage of buying precious metals like gold and silver from Monex is, we can arrange to store them on behalf of us at an independent bank or depository.

My husband’s friend who owns a big jewelry shop also feels that silver, and specifically silver coins present an outstanding investment opportunity.

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