Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Understanding the Law of Attraction.

Without exception, the Universe functions based on the Law of Attraction. First this fact have to go into our mind.

Next step is to understand what is this Law of Attraction and how it functions.

I will begin with an example. Let us say that at this very moment you are experiencing a mild pain in your tooth. This is a place where even a mild pain causes extreme discomfort.

The persistent pain leads you to behave edgy. So, apart from the pain, your behaviour also changes to unpleasantness.

The pain worsens and so too your mood and behaviour. What caused the increase in the pain? Your focus only. By habit, you are conditioned to focus on the discomfort believing that it will ease your pain but it is not so actually.

Your focus on the pain increased it by the law of attraction. Which means, your focus on whatever it may be attracts more of it.

Now, read this again and you will come to know where to fix your focus in future.
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