Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Easy shopping with Krillion search engine.

Sunday afternoon is always a dull period-what do you say? After eating rather heavily, we tend to take a satisfying nap but after that ‘what’ is the question that poses itself on us.

Nothing was different on the past Sunday too, so, I sleepily switched on my desktop and logged on to the net. As usual, I opened Sify first to see the headlines. While browsing through the headlines, a stunning looking bird winked at me from the screen of panasonic HDTV and below it was an offer of a bonus DVD player.

Yes! I was hooked flat and I wonder whether the advertiser is aware of my emotions. I guess he is, as he would have visualized viewers’ reaction when producing the ad.

I noted down the model number and opened my ready reckoner Krillion, the Localization Engine which will let me know the dealer in my locality. It produces the search results that provide the most accurate local shopping results available on the Web for consumers looking for products and where to buy.

Krillion, founded in February 2007, is located in Mountain View, CA and is funded by Hummer Winblad Venture Partners.
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