Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pre birth memories.

"I have had memories of an existence of my soul before my birth from a very young age. I must say I recall sitting around in clothe diapers with the little plastic cover on them wondering about where I came from. The funniest part is that I recall thinking "How am I going to get everything done when I can't even walk yet?"

Those were the words of Toni describing her pre-birth experiences.

I strongly believe in the eternal nature of the soul, so I definitely believe Tony. Yes, this is an exceptional case and not all are likely to have similar experience.

Just before entering our body, we specifically chose the parents, family, circumstances and the environments. This decision is taken with crystal clear clarity.

Those who still retain memories of the life before this are said to have the ability to establish the divine collection as and when they desire.

Tony is not alone; there are more who have reported pre-birth memories. Go to Pre Birth Experience to get acquainted with such people.

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