Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Personal development blogs reviewed.

Somehow I am determined to visit all the blogs that are listed in the list of Personal Development blogs in spite of my busy schedule. Otherwise, what is the point of getting added to that blogroll?

In the right sidebar of this blog, I have created a widget for Personal Development blogs and already I have listed three blogs that I reviewed.

As and when I find time, I intend to visit all the blogs one by one and write a short review of it. The purpose of review is only to introduce to you what I like in that blog and how it will also benefit you.

When I complete a review, I will add it in the widget.

Today is the turn of Aaron Potts at Today is That Day.
Aaron Potts lives in northeast Florida, near Jacksonville.

He says the purpose of his blog is 'Empowerment'. Good! A very nice way to express his inner commitment.

Then, he writes about my most favorite subject, 'The Law of Attraction".

For example, please read his wonderful article on "The Top 3 Law of Attraction Secrets - Especially for Non-believers".

I believe in the joy of reading; so I let you click on the link to read it for yourself.

I noticed that Aaron Potts also reads Lynn M Taggart. I too recently bought the book on 'The Intention Experiment'.

I intend to spend more time on Aaron Potts blog. There is much to read.

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