Thursday, October 11, 2007

Can you measure your emotions.

It is very easy to linger on any particular emotion when you keep adding fuel to it-be it a positive or negative emotion.

Even after reading so many books and articles on emotions and ways to gauge them, I am unable to control negative emotions simply because I fall prey to unnecessary provocations.

The human tendency to spend more time on negative emotions, keep expecting events or continue an inner dialogue on he lines which we really don't want but still remain in that state.

Warning! Your ego is at work!

But can we really measure our emotions? Is there way to gauge them?

Yes, I believe so and so too Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks, the authors of "The Astonishing Power of Emotions".

Here is a review on that book:
"A wonderful book for those open to changing their lives to include happiness and abundance. includes a cd. Many chapters are devoted to various common scenarios in peoples' lives that cause pain, with helpful instruction on how to channel your thoughts to go with the flow and increase your happiness during the troubling times. teaches you step by step to become all you can be, which is who you really are and not the limited being stuck in a body like we usually think we are."
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Lucid said...

Hello .... Good Evening :)

Maybe we can weigh our emotions by the reactions and/or events that happen due to the influence of them Hmmm...

Just a thought! Wishing you a great weekend!!!

Malathy said...

Thanks Lucid.
Well said.
Yes, we react but not act.