Saturday, October 27, 2007

Get it done by your angels.

Do you know you can get things done by simple communication with your angels? Well, some call them as angels and some call them as your inner being.

I would prefer to call them as angels since it is a nice sounding word. Since childhood, we associate angels are benevolent being, kind and compassionate.

Yes, coming to the subject, anything you desire or anything which you feel is not in your hands and can be done only by a supreme source can be achieved if you sincerely communicate with them.

See, I am not writing this just because I read it in all the spirituality books. Sure, I read it but I also practiced it and experienced the expected result with heartfelt gratitude.

For example, these are the things that make you worry:
A mild ailment.
A work you want to complete but could find a way.
A person you are expecting to bring some good news to you.

Well, the list may go on endlessly; you just replace the above with yours.

This is what you do:
Just before you close your eyes to sleep, say silently in your mother tongue, whatever you want to get it done the next day. Or, you can even wish to sleep soundly with wonderful dreams.
While talking mentally, imagine that you are communicating with your inner self. This imagination may not come easily in the beginning but it will come in a matter of days.

I assure you that you will experience the expected outcome the next day without fail.
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