Thursday, September 20, 2007

Velukudi Krishnan on Bhagavat Gita.

Our entire family gets up by 6.30 AM daily excluding weekends to watch Velukudi Krishnan speak on Bhagavat Gita.

With his booming voice and crystal clear pronunciation, he explains every slogam of Bhagavat Gita interspersed with interesting examples.

The way he explains some very deep meaning of the slogams is easy to follow and practice. He gives several historical anecdotes during his 15 minutes recital.

The way the universe functions, who and where we are, what is our role in this life, for what purpose we take birth, what is God's role are all explained as Lord Krishna's Bhagavat Gita.

The 15 minutes pass away very quickly and suddenly when it is over, we involuntarily salute him in gratitude. It is being telecast in Podhigai TV.
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pratheep said...

The programme telecast on podhigai T.V weekdays at 6:30 PM is very extraneous. We can get the useful informations on various shastra's which is given by Shri Velukudi Krishnan relates with Bhagavat Gita.

karpagavalli said...

Please tell me shall i watch this program(Velukudi Krishnan -Bhagavat Gita)in online.

Malathy said...

Definitely Karpagavalli. Please watch it.

Kothandaraman said...

This discourse is amazing and "Must watch" one. My dad used to watch this on everyday at 6.30AM and 6.30PM on PODIGAI DD TAMIL channel. Now me and my wife as well tuned to this habit. Coming from work with lots of stress, this is definitely a stress reliever. As a Hindu, we should understand the value of Bagavad Gita. His explanation on each verses and related to "common man" language is mind blowing. He is versatile on both Sanskrit and Tamil languages.

Does anyone know whether audio CD or video CD available on his discouses.

Malathy said...

Raman, you can find links to CDs of Velukkudi Krishan here.

naraynans16 said...

We listen to Velukudi Krishnan's discourses very regularly...on TV..Can we have the collections in MP3 format online..?

Malathy said...

You have to search for them Narayanan.