Thursday, September 20, 2007

High quality leads for hospitality industries.

A statistic somewhere I read says that at present more than 78,000 travel related web sites operate online. This statistics doesn’t cover offline travel service providers. Shall we assume equal number of entrepreneurs offline?

How do all these businesses survive? Where do they go for customers? How do they announce new travel packages and discount holiday deals?

I wonder whether Martin Worldwide is aware of the above statistics! They must be or how else they are considered to be the number 1 business leads provider in the world?

Travel leads as well as hospitality business leads are worth several million dollars to the entire hospitality industry. Even other related industries in this sector such as entertainment, hobby and time share resorts also depend on leads provided by Martin Worldwide because they give guarantee to the performance of the leads.

Their high potential product ResponseCom is the outcome of long years tracking, filtering and compiling. I read one testimonial somewhere in a forum. The testifier was located as far as SriLanka and he says that the response rate of the travel leads that he purchased from Martin Worldwide was excellent.

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