Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stop Wanting!

What will be your reaction if you confront the words, "Stop Wanting". Persons new to spirituality may look confused or even get offended.

But, those who are inclined to read spirituality and self development may wait to hear further. I take this blog readers in the second category.

When I first read about this, it made a lot of sense to me. There is no denial that we should aspire for the best. We need not curb our desires for the fear of being labeled as greedy or crazy. We should not lend a willing ear to such opinions and at the same time we should not also criticize them.

What we should not do is to remain in the wanting state forever. This will attract more of that state of mind.

For example, let us say we want to enjoy a vacation at Hawaii. No, problem, everyone should go there and find out why the entire world is crazy about Hawaii.

Our wanting that vacation is now let in to the universe and it will conspire for us by providing the right opportunities at the right time, it will provide the required funds, move the right people who will be willing to be your guide.

Notice the emboldened letters-'right time'. So, when it is not materialized as per our wish, it is our nature to be disappointed and we let ourselves remain in the state of wanting (unfulfilled ).

In this state, we ignorantly shut ourselves from receiving the universal help because being in the state of depression or worry shut all avenues to receive the universal abundance.

So what is the solution?
Simply "Let go and Let God". When we let the universe know of our desires, we should firmly and unflinchingly believe that it will manifest at the right time and go about our day to day life cheerfully.

Oh yes! We can do one thing to speed up the process. We should start imagining our feelings and emotion as though we are in Hawaii.

How to do this?
Read websites about Hawaii, look to those serene beaches, read about vacation resorts and the amenities offered there, get to know about Hawaiian food and culture. This will keep you busy in your imagination.

The more vividly and lively your imagination the quicker your holiday will materialise.

In short, your imagination is more powerful than your will.
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