Saturday, September 08, 2007

Enjoy a free journey to Atlantis

Fearful and apprehensive faces were seen in the queue that was standing to buy the tickets that will allow them to take the unforgettable journey to Atlantis. But most of the children showed expectation on their faces with no sign of any fear.

We saw a few of them the day before also at the Shark Encounter in the Sea World Orlando. That was also a thrilling experience. We rode through a specially made carrier in a big tank full of sharks.

The familiar faces at the entrance to the journey to Atlantis also recognized us but their cheer turned into bewilderment when we simply walked past them without bothering to buy the tickets.

Yes, we were very fortunate to have bought the Disney World Tickets well in advance from More over, we were given the second day sight seeing free at the Disney World.

Though we felt sorry for our friends, we wondered why they have not planned their vacation like us.

My son who had befriended a teenager in that crowd gifted his Disney World brochure that he got from I thought it was a nice gesture. At least they will know how to save time and money for their future visit.

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