Friday, September 21, 2007

High quality Titleist used golf balls.

Only a few weeks before I first came to know that used golf balls also are being bought extensively in the U.S. I had a doubt whether golf clubs like tennis clubs sell off used golf balls.

Then only I learnt that the used golf balls are actually supposed to be lost in golf courses and they are later retrieved and sold at a cheaper prize. This is carried out in an organized manner by

Actually, it has earned a contract to retrieve the lost golf balls from as many as 2500 golf courses. It is quite often that golf balls get lost while playing and invariably, neither the golf players nor the grounds men bother to search for them.

This is where comes into the picture. It retrieves the lost golf balls, and clean them meticulously, sort them by quality and by brand too.

They are then packed neatly and sold at a very cheap prize. Among various brands, Titleist golf balls are generally in high demand followed by other brands that includes Nike and Wilson.

Lost Golf Balls announced recently that it has furthered its mission of recycling used golf balls by becoming a preferred supplier of The First Tee, an organization dedicated to promoting character development and life-enhancing values to underprivileged children through the game of golf.
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