Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do children exist before conception?

As I am deeply interested in the mysteries of life, I have bought several books on Life Mysteries, life before and after death, astral world, out of body experiences and intrepretations of dreams etc.

I remember reading that before we are born, the time we spend on the astral world following the previous birth's death, may vary depending on the growth of our spiritual development in the previous birth.

For the next incarnation, we choose the parents and place of birth that will further our spiritual growth.

Elisabeth Hallett has written an interesting article on the title of this blog post. An excerpt is given below that will certainly make you read the article fully.

"But are these arrangements hard and fast? Some experiences point to a certain creative flexibility at play in the pre-conception world. For example, a four-year-old girl told her mother that before she was born, she and Jesus used to sit together while she decided whether to be a boy in one family or a girl in another. "She said she decided at the last minute to come to us as a girl," the mother reports, "and then she and Jesus laughed and went off to play till it was time to go." It may not be hard evidence, but it's thought-provoking! "

Thank you Elisabeth Hallett!
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Priscilla Palmer said...

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Malathy said...

I am glad you took time to read and comment.

Thanks for including in your special list.

iamsooverme said...

That's a question I have thought about quite often. At what point does the conscious soul enter into the body? Or is it something that is developed along the way. One of life's mysteries, but definitely proof of a higher power being involved.