Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This or something better.

I remember Wayne Dyer using those words while affirming.

I have already written about the power of affirmations, so, I will not repeat here. But while saying your daily affirmations, please close with, "This or something better". By this way, you are not erecting a limitation to the all providing universe.

For example, you may be in need of $5000 by next week to pay your bills. When you affirm,"I intend to have $5000 now to meet certain expenses", it is better if you add "This or something better". By saying this, you are open to receiving more than the actual need.

You might not have foreseen a few more bills to pay or any unforeseen expenses may come in your way during next week, but the universe will know about it and would like to provide you more than the $5000 you asked for.

Finally you may end up with exactly what you have asked for if you limit yourself and the universe.

So, remember to add, "This or something better" to the end of your prayer or affirmation.
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poojitha said...

interesting, check my blog too

Malathy said...

Thanks Poojitha.
I checked your times blog.It has some beautiful pictures.

Priscilla Palmer said...

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Malathy said...

Thank you Priscilla.
Pl take time to read my post.