Saturday, August 25, 2007

Setting up a business in New York?

A conception of a business idea is quite natural to ambitious people who are often inspired by success stories of famous business people.

But how many business ideas are implemented in reality? I would say 0.01% only and that too more than 50% of them doesn’t last more than a year.

One could attribute several reasons for failure that includes lack of opportunities, ignorance of competitors and lack of knowledge of financial management.

But the few who succeeds are the ones who have laid a strong foundation and for this they would have invariably sought the assistance of simmons jannace & stagg, a full service law firm practicing in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Their area of specialization is multi fold; to name a few, they practice in the area of liability litigation, corporate transactions, municipal law, real estate, zoning and land use, and environmental law.

They represent very large corporations such as Bank of America Corp., J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

Also, because of their expert guidance in choosing a business form, many small companies, municipalities and individuals firmly bank on them for legal support. The firm has organized corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other legal entities throughout the U.S.

Hence, entrepreneurs who are about to start their business in those three states are advised to contact Simmons Jannace & Stagg, LLP to lay the foundation for a successful business.

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