Friday, August 24, 2007

For aftermarket radiators

I have a request for you. Please read the conversation below.

Chuck: We carry radiators for all types of cars and trucks. What's your make, model, and year?

Me: Taurus 1986

Chuck: Do you know the engine size?

Me: No

Chuck: That’s no problem, I think we can at least get you a price without that information. Would you prefer quotes on an OE certified or aftermarket radiator?

Me: Aftermarket

Chuck :good. We carry top quality aftermarket suppliers. Do you want quotes on just the radiator -- or installation too?

The above conversation was held online between me and, the trusted distributor of aftermarket Ford radiators. Whatever may be the year of manufacturing of your car, you can always rely on

It is a known fact that our Ford Taurus or for that matter any car requires proper maintenance to prevent damage and increase performance. This includes installing a Ford Taurus Radiator replacement to keep the cooling system running efficiently

It is evident from the above conversation that even installing the radiator is done by trained mechanics.

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