Friday, August 24, 2007

Do you know Zemira healing?

Today only I came to know about Zemira healing and my immediate urge was to pass it on and here I am doing exactly that.

Healing by other means apart from the traditional allopathic method are known to exist thousands of years before the modern medicine was put into practice. Of the several non-conventional methods, using sound to heal is one of them that has a proven history.

Zemira is one such technique that uses sound. ZEMIRA, which means "song of joy," uniquely blends together the classical Yuen Method with Barbara Robins' powerful proven energy healing techniques to produce immediate and permanent life changing results.

The beneficiaries include people with low self confidence, people who always compatibility problems and other psychological issues. These energy healing methods quickly identify emotional imbalances in our body and nullify them to restore perfect health.
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Barbara Robins, Founder said...

Thank you letting people know about Zemira Healing. It has been a tremendous blessing to bring it to the world and share it with those in need of healing as well as the students who learn to practice it. I would like to address something you wrote. You said that Zemira Healing is a type of sound healing. While sounds are vibrations Zemira Healing does not use audible sounds. We don't even refer to the healing vibrations we use as sound, as we simply pinpoint specific energy signals that are not performing optimally and then, in a nano second, shift them so they are beneficial.

Malathy said...

Thanks for Barbara for correcting me. I am truly sorry.