Friday, August 24, 2007

Don't visit ivillage but settle there. is not just a village where you can pay a courtesy visit and never come back.

I warn you all, once you step in, you will invariable settle there. It is terric place for every one of us. It has in depth and meaningful articles on health, wellness, diet & fitness, pregnancy & parenting, beauty & style, home & garden, food, weddings, love & sex, entertainment, astrology and games.

For all these things, there is a shopping mall that sells related items. And they feature great blogs on every category.

iVillage, a division of NBC Universal, is the first and largest media company dedicated exclusively to connecting women at every stage of their lives. Ranked the #1 online destination for women with 16 million unique visitors, iVillage offers an authentic community infused with compelling content.
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