Friday, August 24, 2007

Don’t throw away your video clips.

My husband has lot of friends in the tinsel world. Most of them are assistant directors and one or two music directors. Recently, he brought home a man who is trying to be a cinematographer. He is a qualified man.

During the chit chat, he was lamenting his bad time and how it caused him to miss out on a couple of opportunities. Since he said he found it very difficult to kill the free time, I asked him if he has heard about video stock footage and especially the high definition type.

He immediately started elaborating about his short tenure as a documentary film maker; that stint gave him plenty of chances to save rare video footage. Then I directed him to, a common gathering point for talented cinematographers and the many producers around the world that are actively seeking professional quality High Definition footage. Yes, you can call it a marketplace too.

I patiently explained about my work as a blogger and how it paves way for me to know many things. I told him that “AlwaysHD” markets High Definition footage to production companies, such as advertising agencies, broadcast television studios, documentary producers, independent filmmakers, and cinema studios on behalf of its contributing cinematographers.

If a video clips is sold, the concerned cinematographer is rewarded financially. I reminded him that his video clips will be sold as ‘Royalty free’ and he once sold, he has no further claims on it. The buyer can use it worldwide for any length of time.

I think he will make an attempt to sell some of his rare(?) video clips.

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