Friday, July 20, 2007

Points to pratice for wealth consciousness.

Finally, I have arrived at the wealth consciousness.

Before I tell you about it, let us examine why we are not attracting wealth in spite of saying sincerely proven positive affirmation about becoming wealthy. This might throw some ideas about why we fail to attract money.

No, I have changed my mind. Let me get to the point of wealth consciousness straight away.

Just practice these:
*Spend your money judiciously. I mean, don't deny yourself any of your wants and luxuries but don't buy anything you really don't want. Don't try imitate to neighbors in order to impress them.
* When you spend, believe that it will be replaced. Don't think that it will deplete your balance. Above all, don't regret immediately after making a spend. To avoid this, think several times before spending.
*When you write a check for a bill, say thanks to God that you have money to pay and again believe that money goes out will be returned several times in your bank.
*Don't ever utter this, "I cannot afford this". If you want something but don't have money at present, say it to your mind that "I will have this, I intend to have this". The universe will see to it that you are provided.

Please note that, I have not used the word "buy" in the above sentence but used he word "have'.
It means, you are open to receive the product.
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