Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Virtual vision board.

I have heard about Ouija board but what is virtual vision board?

Vision Boards, also known as Treasure Maps, have been used by highly successful people from all walks of life to help them to define what they want to create or experience in reality.

Clearly knowing what we want is near impossible for us because we are clear only in knowing what we don't want. But that won't give us any indication about what we really want.

In short, we are incorrectly using the law of attraction. It works for us irrespective of our real desires. Whatever we focus on expands like a ripple effect and we experience in real life that we have focused which is all that we don't want.

This Virtual Vision Board has been designed with the intentions of helping you define what you really want in life and will automatically and immediately manifest anything you request.
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Mistress V said...

Hi there, I am Virginia Levy, owner/creator of The Academy of Spiritual Self Mastery, Angel Light Lodge,and The Masters Vision Quest Adventures. ( I created the Virtual Vision Board on my site to encourage people to get focused on what they wanted to manifest in their lives. Sadly, the idea had not taken off like I'd hoped, so it was eliminated from my site. However, I have resorted to other measures to help empower people, which seem to be much more effective and have long standing results. (The Masters Vision Quest Adventures.)

Just thought I'd let you know, since you asked. Thanks for your interest.
Blessings... Virginia

Malathy said...

Thank you Virginia for remembering my post and letting me know.
You are divinely kind.
I will concentrate more on your other measures to help empower people.