Friday, June 22, 2007

Picture at the left is White Lotus.

The picture at the left is White Lotus. It symbolizes God's consciousness. It is a sacred flower for staunch Vaishnavites and Buddhists.

Speaking of God's consciousness, I would like quote The Mother on that subject.
" The notion of what is good for you and what is not, is not the same to the divine consciousness. What appears to you as good and favorable is not always what is best for from a spiritual point of view. The divine perception of what will lead you fastest to your goal is absolutely different from yours."

I am giving below an incident that took place in my friend's life long time back. He was traveling from New Delhi to Madras in a train. He wanted to use the bathroom. Since it was occupied, he crossed over the vestibule to next coach's bathroom. As he was about to enter, another person rushed in, so my friend returned to his seat.

In the next minute, the train derailed and all the coaches up to the one he went by crossing the vestibule toppled. Imagine my friend's state of mind.

Affirm this: "I shall accept everything and understand later"

"You may not know at every moment, what is the best thing to do or how to do it but you can place your will at the disposal of the Divine to do the best possible. You will see it will have marvelous results. Do this with consciousness and sincerity and you will find yourself getting along with gigantic strides."-The Mother

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