Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Freak accident kills three.

That was the first news headlines out of ten. The other nine are:
*Bomb hurled at police station.
*Three year old kidnapped.
*Van,bus collision. A family of eight died on the spot.
*Opposition parties strike at each other.
*Doctor abuses woman patient.
*Communal arson at City of Hope
*Illicit liquor takes a toll.
*Elderly woman robbed at day light.
*Noted sportsman creates a new record.

Just one news about something that is not painful to hear out of ten.

Is this what we all wanted to hear? Is this what for we are waiting patiently in front of TV?
Has only one incident of positive nature occurred through out the day in the entire nation?
What does the news channel gain for reporting all these negative news?
Above all what do we gain by hearing these?

I can go on and on, on the destructive impact of such news thus created on all of us and the society in large but I want you to please take a few minutes and write down your spontaneous thoughts that emerge.

Here, this is mine:
We are consciously and deliberately poisoning our mind for which we have no antidotes externally.
Fear reigns supreme in our mind.
Vengence and hatred become our dominating thoughts.
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